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A Unique Concept

Mosaico’s concept is simple: we manufacture unique tiles, just for you. You want the space you design to be one-of-a-kind, and we are here to help.

Cement tiles have multiple qualities: they are 100% customizable, offer unparalleled colour combinations, can create an exceptional 3D effect that gives depth to flat surfaces, and can enhance any space through their decorative features.

What’s more, at Mosaico, we not only handcraft cement tiles, we also provide personalized advice and support through all phases: from the selection to the installation stage, so all you need to do is enjoy your custom-made tiles.

Made to Order

Our tiles are made to order and highly customizable: you can select every aspect of your tiles from the shape, an ever-growing range of patterns and designs, to a wide choice of colours to adorn each tile -for an almost infinite number of patterns and colour combinations. You can even design your own patterns for the most personalized motif.

Adapted for All Uses

Our tiles can be adapted for flooring, wall covering, backsplash and decoration, both indoors and outdoors. They are a perfect fit for private homes, F&B outlets and high traffic retail areas.


Each decorative tile is handcrafted with care by our skilled artisans using the highest quality inorganic pigments, marble powder and cement, which are proven to offer the best quality, durability and resistance to UV light. Once installed, the product is easy to maintain and highly durable. Additionally, the tiles are imbued with added charm during the passage of time, as they take on a natural “patina” or “washed” effect.

Tile Installation Process
Designer Purple Tiles
Environmentally Friendly

In order to offer a product with a low carbon footprint, we follow an age old manufacturing process which is environmentally friendly using only innocuous ingredients, a hydraulic press and then nothing but water, time and ambient open-air conditions to naturally dry and harden the tiles. The shade of each tile is unique and is dictated by the mixing of pigments in batches and the drying conditions.

Made in the UAE

Established in the UAE in 2017, we are proud to be the first company within the GCC to manufacture decorative cement tiles using a traditional method employed for almost two centuries. Our manufacturing facility is located in the Northern Emirate of Ras Al-Khaimah, UAE, from where we serve customers locally, as well as globally.